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    LoreDon - Bounty Hunter Application (ooc name- Destruction\Byond Key- Gotrense)



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    LoreDon - Bounty Hunter Application (ooc name- DestructionByond Key- Gotrense)

    Post by Gotrense on Tue May 31, 2016 5:22 pm

    LoreDon - Class 6 Powerful Vampire

    LoreDon was a mere newborn, he was an average baby vampire child, but there was something different about him. Instead of being the blood-craving, savage child that everyone suspected him to be, the child was more strategic with his ways of gaining his food. At the human age of 10, the child's tactics surpassed that of most of the Source's members, along with his power and speed. He was sent on many missions in the Over-World, which gained him respect of many Under-World inhabitants. After many missions LoreDon felt a need for a challenge, he was bored of his simple retrieve and fight missions, they were too easy to complete for him. He stopped doing missions and decided to live in his own style and kill in his own way. LoreDon became an underdog and would do as he pleased, when he pleased.

    Becoming a Bounty Hunter
    LoreDon felt as if Life was boring. He lived most of his life acting as if he was human, waiting on his time to attack them and quench his thirst for blood. He saw many people live and pass, it was rather frequent and casual to him.  He also dreamed of the day when someone who could challenge him would appear, someone smart and tactical like him. On his search for this type of individual, LoreDon lurked in the underground, he strolled along the cracked, dry grounds. An old Demon would lie on the side of the cracked pathway. As LoreDon walked along the path, the Demon grabbed LoreDon's pants. "Please....kill...him..." LoreDon jerked away from the Demon, "..What...?" he asked confusingly. The demon reached in his mouth and pulled out a wet, slimey peace of crumpled paper and slapped in onto LoreDon's back. " life..." As the Demon said this he slumped to the floor, his body limp. "LoreDon grabbed the piece of paper from his back and uncrumpled it.

    "Kladit...age...21 in Human years, A large buff demon with a sturdy body, commonly found lear the source lair...reward...$500?!" LoreDon turned towards the Demon's lump body and goes to dig in his jacket pocket. He pulls out $500. "...Alrighty then." LoreDon runs his fingers through his white, glowing hair and grins. "I guess I'm looking for Kladit then." LoreDon speeds off to find his victim.

    Hours later LoreDon turns around the corner, a large buff figure can be seen hanging around a couple  of other large figures. "That must be Kladit." LoreDon says to himself. He sharpens his fangs and his nails, preparing to go in for the silent, unseen kill. Kladit was laughing with the other people around them when LoreDon sped around the corner with his fangs pointed deadly and his claws sharpened , LoreDon then ripped a hole straight through Kladit's sturdy body, instantly killing him. Before anyone noticed LoreDon decided to kill of the whole group, he sped through the people, ripped off heads and blowing holes through their bodies, blood splattering everywhere. After the blood fest LoreDon picked up all of their bodies, except Kladit, and threw them into the Lava, obliterating them. LoreDon then picked up Kladit's body and proceeded to place it next to the old Demon's.

    "Nice pay, pretty fun, I like doing this, I didn't get paid for those missions either." LoreDon smiled. "I guess this is the job for me...Bounty Hunter. Heh, it has a nice ring to it too!" He would flip though his $500 and wave it in the air. "Finally, things get interesting."

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