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    Race: Furie


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    Race: Furie

    Post by Domdavden on Sun May 17, 2015 2:28 pm

    Furies have the mind of a vigilante. Whatever they see as a crime, the person who committed it will be held accountable by a Fury. Furies are demonic women and will enjoy killing as they are fuelled by the cries of their former victims. Witches may be consumed by an unexpressed anger which takes over their body. If they get this anger out of their body without killing anybody it is possible that the portal of anger will close, reversing the process of being a Fury. Furies have sharp talons, super strength and poisonous smoke which give them an upper hand against their victims. You can spot a Fury by the markings on their face.

    RP Status 1:

    • Smoke Short
    • Smoke Long
    • Smoke Place
    • Scratch

    RP Status 2:

    • Telepathic Talk

    RP Status 3:

    • Smoke Exhalation
    • Smoke Long with Players
    • Smoke Place with Players

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