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    Race: Valkyrie


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    Race: Valkyrie

    Post by Domdavden on Fri May 15, 2015 5:52 pm

    A good powerful race of all female Demi-Goddesses who have been around for many centuries, preparing for a great battle; no males have ever become a part of the Valkyrie Clan. After warriors die in battlefields, Valkyries collect their soul, bringing these powerful souls to their home Valhalla, where they revive them. These warriors are then trained to fight for good in the final world battle between Good and Evil. Immortal with high resistance to magic they are a strong force to be reckoned with. Power ranges from; Telekinesis, Apportation, Super Strength, Agility, Soul Absorption, Corporatization and Sensing. Items they use include; Valkyrie pendants used to transport warriors to Valhalla.

    RP Status 1:

    • Go to Valhalla
    • Create Portal to Player
    • Create Portal to Place
    • Click and Drag Telekinesis
    • Telekinetic Reversal
    • Telekinesis Player

    RP Status 2:

    • Telekinetic Levitate Player
    • Telekinetic Repel

    RP Status 3:

    • Control Athame
    • Telekinetic Blast

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