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    Race: Half-Whitelighters


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    Race: Half-Whitelighters

    Post by Domdavden on Fri May 15, 2015 5:40 pm

    Most Half-Whitelighters are created by a witch and a Whitelighter having a child. Very few Half-Whitelighters exist and they have many abilities related to a regular Whitelighters. Since they are still Whitelighters they have charges but less than a regular Whitelighter.

    RP Status 1:

    • Orb Short
    • Orb Long
    • Orb Place
    • Choose Charge
    • Call for Object
    • Remove Charge

    RP Status 2:

    • Sense Darklighter
    • Shield Self
    • Sheild Player/Surroundings
    • Glamor
    • Heal Player

    RP Status 3:

    • Whitelighter Blast
    • Orb Player Long
    • Orb Player Place
    • Orb Long with Players
    • Orb Place with Players

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