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    Race: Cupid


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    Race: Cupid

    Post by Domdavden on Fri May 15, 2015 4:01 pm

    Cupids are known for their pink teleportation; each cupid has a charge similar to Whitelighters but they help their charges find love. They mostly stand on the side of good and are worthy of trust; their known powers are Healing, Transforming to a small wisp of light, sending blast of energy towards their targets and capturing their targets. Their main goal is to bring people together who have another chance at love.

    RP Status 1:

    • Cupid Orb Short
    • Cupid Orb Long
    • Go to Cupid Realm
    • Transform into Cupid Orb
    • Projective Time Travel (With Cupid's Ring)
    • Immobilize Player (With Cupid's Ring)

    RP Status 2:

    • Heal Player

    RP Status 3:

    • Cupid Ball
    • Cupid Cage
    • Cupid Orb Long with Players
    • Cupid Orb Place with Players

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